We'll Make it

by Gentle Robot

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Best Thing 05:28
Try your best to stand out from the crowd. Take your first step forward and hope it lands somewhere worthwhile and solid. -But I'm still waiting for the right path for me and nothing's opened up. Just give up what you love for a while. -It's long enough and I'm still not where I planned to see myself, but it won't get me down. I'll survive for a while. I'll make it. Take a week, take a month, give it what you will. Doze off in the daytime. You're standing still here waiting for that first step. You stumble and you fall. You come to he-l. You make up your own mind. Decide once and for all which way to head. Sometimes it's hard as hell to tell yourself "it's just a job, it's not your entire life" and you'll make it through this, I promise. This won't matter much. -I won't let this ruin me. Won't give up what I love for what I need. Losing you is the best thing I ever did.
Holding On 03:27
It was hard at first. Then you forget about familiar faces. Then you forget their names. Then you're stuck holding on to what's there. When we first set off, we were only nineteen, on the road to no one knows just yet. We were sure we'd find a different place to call our home every couple hundred miles or so. Can we stop holding on to what's left? It's better to be out here than stay inside and never try. It's better to get lost in your dreams than get lost in someone else's life. Even the faint applause is better than nothing at all, even if you have to say goodnight tomorrow or tonight. It was hard at first, then you forget about familiar comforts. Then you forget y---- home
High Wire 03:48
I saw you walking on the high wire. I see you wandering 'round. You said you'd love to do some wild stunts, but you can't do it alone. Oh how you tried to convince me to come along with you. I don't believe you would ever let me go. You don't let go that easy. I've known you now for such a long time. We're the best of friends. I insert myself into your life and I let you into mine. Oh how I tried to explain the dreams I wanted to - oh no you can't just go. You can't just leave me here with all of these supplies. I know I'm only your assistant, but I'm also your friend. For all the times that we've strategized, it's you up there that's balancing on air.
The Money 04:52
True, it's not as easy as it looks in the movies, but I'm sure we'll make it out all right. You were always on my mind - armed and at my side. "No one's gonna die or anything, just wait." It's not gonna take a long time. We don't want to hurt anyone. We just want the money. Sure you want to try that right now? The way things are going I don't see it working out. Because sometimes some people don't really understand what's in it for them. It's all been insured. No one's gonna lose a cent. You run out of time. Eventually, you're seen by passersby. You run out of places to exit the building that we know of. Who'd you hire as the driver? I'm serious this time. We were all assured we'd make it out all right. Then I feel a second that lasts for an hour. All the lights go down and flashes of gunfire twinkle in my eyes. Don't you dare make a sound, make a move. All the chaos and havoc erupts as David emerges with a bullet hole in his spine


released November 22, 2012

Tim Sookram - guitar, vocals, etc
Matt Teten - bass
Tim Wall - drums


all rights reserved



Gentle Robot Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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